Reach parents faster!

How often do you reach out to parents for announcements or maybe for alerts? "Reminder: this Monday is labor day, keep your kids home"; "Due to inclement weather, our school will close early, come get your kids by 1 pm!". How do you send this communication? Email is slow, phone calls take a lot of time, texting can cost parents money. We introduced "Mobile Push Notifications" that are instant and FREE to parents (at a low cost for schools). !

New technologies have made administrative tasks easier and more streamlined – reducing paper and making “filing” a thing of the past. Additionally, many schools are heightening their school’s security – making students, faculty and staff safer and better prepared than ever before. School resources like Pearson Power Schools and QManager are making the jobs of administrators easier, by providing tools for parents, faculty and staff. These tools include enabling parents to securely sign in and out for their children using their smart phones, and automatically tracking student attendance – saving valuable time for both parents and teachers, which ultimately benefit students. If you are a school administrator wondering how you can better serve your students, families, faculty and staff, and make this year better than the last, take advantage of new technology. Your teachers and parents will thank you.