Back to school for school administrators

Another summer has flown by and before you know it students will be back in their classrooms. This time of year always comes too quickly – for schools especially! While for many, summer is a time to relax and refresh, for school administrators, summer can be the busiest time of year. Summer is a time to clean classrooms, make repairs and improvements, set curriculum, hire faculty and staff, and make important decisions about they upcoming school year. How can we be better than we were last year? How can we challenge our students and help them reach their highest potential? How can we involve parents? How can we serve our community and families? Yes, indeed the summer is a very busy time for school administrators!

New technologies have made administrative tasks easier and more streamlined – reducing paper and making “filing” a thing of the past. Additionally, many schools are heightening their school’s security – making students, faculty and staff safer and better prepared than ever before. School resources like Pearson Power Schools and QManager are making the jobs of administrators easier, by providing tools for parents, faculty and staff. These tools include enabling parents to securely sign in and out for their children using their smart phones, and automatically tracking student attendance – saving valuable time for both parents and teachers, which ultimately benefit students. If you are a school administrator wondering how you can better serve your students, families, faculty and staff, and make this year better than the last, take advantage of new technology. Your teachers and parent will thank you.