Dismissal software for Child Care Centers and
After School Programs.

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Curb the chaos during dismissal

Take the guesswork and stress out of your afternoons. Forget Sign Out clipboards, wading through crowds of kids and shouting over walkie-talkies. With our innovative mobile software, your job just got a whole lot easier.

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Easy Sign In/Sign Out

No more dismissal lines out the door of the office. With our innovative signature technology, students can be signed in or out right from their parent’s smartphone or on an iPad placed on your lobby counter.

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Reports at your finger tips!

  • Attendance, Absentee
  • Roll Call
  • Carpool
  • Analytics
  • Club charges

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Pease Communications - Midland Public Schools "We started with our after-school program and expanded QManager use to the whole school" - Gabriel Salgado.

Jarrow Montessori
"We rolled out QManager to the whole school this year. Parents, teachers and administrators love it! Even the first day of school went smoothly." - Susan Ferrier

Lakeside Montessori
"We have reduced the number of staff needing to collect signatures and the line of cars moves much more efficiently." - Renee Thornton

Westminster Christian Academy
"The QManager team is helping us to streamline dismissal traffic. We consistently finish our traffic line between 15 and 20 minutes". - Jon Sonbuchner

Get started in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Upload your school's family data quickly with our secure script.

Step 2

Download our app to an iPad and manage dismissal.

Step 3

Access reports such as attendance, tardy, emergency lists and roll call with a few clicks.